A tea that at the same time has a positive effect on the immune system and increases the metabolism, i.e. also the burning of fat? How about combining almost all metabolically beneficial, extremely healthy spices and natural superfoods and throwing them into hot tea water?

What sounds a little exuberant is neither difficult to implement nor expensive . I would even go so far as to claim to create one of the healthiest fitness teas that also represent a passable fat burner .

But everything belongs in ours Super tea and what is the best way to brew it?

How To Make Ginger-Garlic Tea For Immunity And Weight Loss - NDTV Food

fitness tea ingredients

  • 1-2 tsp green tea
  • 3-4 medium-sized, organic ginger pieces
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1-2 g Ceylon cinnamon
  • Juice of half a fresh lemon

To help you choose the type of green tea, we have put together a little guide to preferred types: Best green tea. In the case of an organic product, please do not peel the ginger, as with apples, most of the antibacterial and blood circulation-promoting substances are hidden directly in the peel.

Simply add the lemon juice and cinnamon to the cup before pouring it on.

With turmeric, you can either use the ready-made turmeric powder or cut the fresh root into slices and then rub it.

But Warning : the root stains quite heavily. So that the turmeric is better absorbed by the body, it is advisable to add a pinch of black pepper .

Important with green tea: Boil the water, but do not add boiling water. Just wait a few minutes until our tea water has cooled down to 70-80 ° C and then start pouring it.

Another variant would be to use a kettle to be used with temperature setting. Depending on the type of green tea, 2-4 min brewing time are recommended. However, we leave the ginger in the tea so that it can continue to release its essential oils and gingerols .

Effect of the fat burner Teas

Green tea in itself has a number of positive effects on health, including:

  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • reduced by sec. Plant substances the storage of fat
  • generally metabolically active through flavonoids
  • more about the effects of green tea: green tea the fat burner from the Far East

The in The hot substances contained in ginger , the so-called gingerols, are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body in addition to increasing blood flow . In addition, ginger is effective against nausea, stomach problems, bacteria and viruses.

It is also used in Asia for the treatment of gastrointestinal complaints and colds. But that wasn’t all, because like chilli, ginger has a thermogenic effect , which stimulates the metabolism and at the same time reduces appetite

turmeric Similar to ginger, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the metabolism and has a great influence on intestinal health. We have summarized further positive effects here: Curcumin in sport – effects & side effects of the Indian spice.

Fitness Tee Rezept für das Immunsystem & gesteigerte Fettverbrennung

How about cinnamon? As one of the oldest spices in the world, cinnamon can, among other things, ensure a permanent reduction in blood sugar, which in turn has a positive effect on dieting.

Cinnamon also has an antimicrobial , immune system-boosting and anti-inflammatory effect . Due to the significantly lower, harmful coumarin content , Ceylon cinnamon is unreservedly recommended.

A Lemon contains vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. This combination brings additional nutrients and vitamins to our metabolism tea and rounds off the list of healthy ingredients.

But what about honey? After all, this is said to be extremely good for the immune system and, in small quantities, also act as a fat burner, as many studies have shown . What very few people know: if I heat honey to over 40 ° C, I kill exactly the valuable enzymes and structural proteins that are responsible for these effects.

In beekeeping language, honey is then “dead”. So what to do Either I stir a teaspoon of honey into the already strongly cooled tea , or I just enjoy it pure. So I get the most out of the sweet bee product.

Preparing such a fat burner tea every day should simply become a healthy habit of every athlete, healthy, protected in the cold season and with most natural metabolic accelerators!

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