Effective HIIT workout at home

In addition to the right mindset and motivation during training, there is also a healthy, balanced diet and above all strength and endurance training with the Your own body weight and different training methods.

Why you should do HIIT

Do you know those days when you are so busy that your training simply falls by the wayside? I definitely do. You rush from appointment to appointment, come home completely stressed out in the evening and simply didn’t have time to go to the gym. And that although the training on such days would be just the right balance so that all the stress goes away.

But don’t worry, with a crisp HIIT workout you can really work off yourself again very quickly from home . If you usually only train with weights, my workout is an interesting change for your muscles.

With high intensity interval training, your pulse is brought to its maximum range in the shortest possible time. For you this means: You train at your limit almost during the entire workout.

Especially when you are in the definition phase, you can also use my HIIT workout to burn more fat after your normal strength training, for example append. Because the biggest advantage of HIIT: It’s incredibly time-saving .

Before you get my training plan, I would like to briefly introduce you to the 6 exercises from this workout. So that the training plan works as an optimal addition to classic strength training exercises, this time I concentrated on the basics.

  1. Squats

One of the basic exercises in strength training and no less important in bodyweight training is the squat. A very complex exercise, in which many have problems using the entire range of motion.

Make sure that your back stays straight throughout the execution. Stand about shoulder width apart. Turn your feet slightly outwards. Push your buttocks back and try to keep your knees behind your toes as much as possible and consciously push them out a little. Under no circumstances should your knees sink in.

Bend your knees as far as you can keep your back straight, but at least 90 degrees.

   2. Pushups

The perfect exercise to pump out the last of your power reserves after the bench press are the pushups.

There are 100 different types of push-ups. We concentrate on the standard variant with a full range of motion. Lie down on the floor. Place your hands next to your shoulders and now push yourself upwards.

Consciously tighten your stomach to avoid a hollow back. Now bend your arms again and put your chest back on the floor.

So that you also do a little bit of shoulder mobility at the same time, lift your hands briefly each time Floor when your chest hits the floor.

  3.Plank with hipdips

Another very effective one Exercise is the forearm support or in modern German the plank, which means something like the plank. The plank is available in many different designs. Some are static holding exercises, others have integrated dynamic elements.

Most plank variants have in common that the shoulder area in particular is stabilized. The shoulder area is also stabilized with the plank with hip dips.

By tilting the hips, the entire musculature not only has to stabilize, but also has to constantly balance the movement. That makes the plank with hipdips even more challenging.


Similar to squats, lunges are also demanding the entire leg muscles. Because you are more in motion, this exercise not only demands your strength, but also your balance.

Make sure that the knees are bent at about 90 ° Reach the angle and the front knee does not go beyond the toes.


Have your Shoulders already recovered a bit? Yes? Perfect. Because now you come to the swimmers. A not so well known exercise, but it trains the shoulder and back muscles extremely effectively if you don’t have a pull-up bar or other weights to hand.

Make sure that you do keep your upper body slightly upright during the entire exercise in order to also train your lower back effectively.

  6.Leg Raises

All right, your abs now had some time to recover. That’s why they get to feel another exercise. Put your hands next to or, if that’s more comfortable for you, under your bottom.

Consciously tense your stomach throughout the exercise so that your back is completely on top Rests on the floor and try to keep your legs fully extended . This makes the exercise particularly effective.

Your HIIT workout at home

The best exercises will not bring the desired success if you do not package them into an effective workout. The change between exercise and recovery phase is crucial for this.