When I started doing sports a number of years ago, I didn’t do it because I had an inner need, but to lose a few pounds .

That was the beginning of many, rarely used fitness club memberships, boring and therefore rare running trips and the constant feeling of not doing enough for my fitness .

How CrossFit changed my life

I could not imagine that someone would train because he or she actually loves it! It was something I had to do to keep my body weight from getting out of hand or to get the body I thought I should have: as thin as possible.

I was behind a herniated disc and a long break without movement forced to exercise again.

Without sport and strong muscles, my back problems would become constant companions. And again it wasn’t the inner need to move, but a physical must that drove me to the fitness center.

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athletic arrived

After my pregnancy and the birth of my wonderful daughter, I started Bootcamp three times a week. A hard, demanding training in the open air that made me understand for the first time that sport can also be fun. When my husband started CrossFit one day and was thrilled, I decided to give it a try.

And what can I say: After the first training session, I knew that I had arrived in terms of sport. Never before have I had such a feeling of total satisfaction experienced during and after a workout. Was it challenging? And how. I thought after two years of bootcamp I would be fit as a sneaker, but that was a completely different experience.

I was exhausted but overjoyed and fell in love immediately. In the community, in mutual support and in the demanding workouts. I signed up for an introductory course on the same day.

But why did CrossFit change my whole life? With it I found my love for movement, physical challenge and sport. It’s the constant change of workouts, the team spirit, the high five’s and the cheering, even if you are the last to finish. Or just because you are the last one.

Crossfit Erfahrung

I have arrived sporty and love to move and find out what my body can achieve. And he can do more than I ever thought! Counting calories or putting them on the scales every day are a thing of the past. Now I only count kilos when I choose the weights for the workout.

Strong is the new skinny – strong is the new thin!

This realization has not only changed my attitude towards sport, but also my self-image. What do I care what size clothes I wear. Size 0 and thigh gap don’t interest me. It’s amazing how you go through life when you are strong and fit . And my professional life has also changed.

I am now passing on my love of exercise as a fitness and CrossFit trainer to others.

Many wonder whether they are fit enough for CrossFit, whether it really is for everyone or only for those who are already super strong and well trained. No, CrossFit is for everyone!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you wear or how strong you are – if you like to challenge yourself and have fun training with others, then CrossFit is your thing!


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